Fischer SKIS

Fischer skis – the largest selection of Fischer skis
Fischer skis – get your skis from our offer Fischer selection. We specialize in ski equipment, and above all especially in Fischer equipment. Our offer includes all groups offered by the manufacturer:

Fischer Race:
The Fischer Race are the most classic and popular models of Fischer skis. The manufacturer is famous for the classic RC4: Fischer Worldcup SC and Fischer Worldcup RC. The skis have their counterparts in the competition versions – the SL and GS models. Nevertheless, it is the SC and RC versions that breaks popularity records. The skis, in terms of dimensions, are based on Fis parameters, made in versions for advanced skiers for all-day skiing on the slope. For those less experienced or lighter, the collection is complemented by the Speed ​​model, which has a 0.5mm Titanal layer, little lower than Worldcup model. The skis are refined in every way and each model is a good choice!

Fischer Curv
The Fischer Curv are best piste skis. All models with wooden cores, designed for experienced skiers. We offer 4 models of skis for adults. The Ti and My Curv model with a wooden core and 0.5mm titanal, which is the highest women’s ski model. Then Fischer offers the two stiffer models the Curv DTX and the Curv GT, which form the backbone of the entire group. The skis also have wooden cores, 0.8mm titanal plate and stronger Racetrack plates. In addition, what stands out is incredible versatility. The top model The Curv, is Fischer’s toughest all-day ski. The skis are very stiff, and their construction is remarkably similar to competition skis, from the DTX and GT models they have an even stiffer Curv Booster plate – known from Fischer competition skis.

Fischer RC ONE
Fischer RC ONE skis are a new group in the Fischer family available from the 2019/2020 season. This is a gigantic change and a revolution for the manufacturer who is turning two great ski groups (Progressor and PRO MT) into a new joint group RC ONE.

Skis for everyone and for all conditions. One sentence that describes the whole group! Fischer offers up to 8 models in the RC ONE ski group. On the one hand, a wide selection can complicate the selection, on the other hand it allows for a perfect fit to your needs.

The manufacturer offers 3 models in the GT version, which are slightly wider under the shoe 78mm, 82mm and 86mm. The skis are distinguished by a quick reaction time, at the same time they are not too soft and boring. The Triple Radius System works great, making the skis extremely versatile.

The RC ONE 74, 73 and 72 models of skis are skis aimed at experienced people, and in our opinion, they constitute the core of the entire group at the same time, they are an extension of the previous Fischer offer – the F18, F19 skis models.

Fischer My Turn
The Fischer My Turn is a ski group designed for women. The boards are distinguished by a fantastic design. This is not the only advantage of the skis, their greatest strength is technology – the skis are specially designed with women in mind. They are very light and easy to handle, which is confirmed by numerous ski tests. Very light and forgiving mistakes

Thanks to special cuts inside the ski core, Fischer reduced the weight by 25% without losing stiffness. Additionally, specially designed bindings with a displaced center of gravity allow for even easier turns. Skis are very friendly and safe, which is why women value them so much!

Fischer Progressor
Fischer Progressor skis are the most popular group of skis in the Fischer offer, available for several seasons. Application for riding on prepared routes, all day long, for intermediate and advanced people – this is the shortest description of the group.

Skis equipped with Dual Radius System – double sidewall allow you to ski with a different turning radius, depending on the weight of the edges. The system actually works very well, which is confirmed by the numerous ski tests – and in fact test victories. The Fischer Progressor F18 is one of the most successful skis

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